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Our Story

More than a Century

In 2020 that is this year Iranian Sweets Palace completes 111 years of offering delicious Baklava and Iranian sweets to our lovely customers. Thanks a lot for the love and support.

Rs.900/HALF KG Box

Irani Baklva

Imported Irani Baklava available, with the best ingredients used. Available only at Iranian Sweets Palace. Visit the contact page for more!

Rs.900/HALF KG Box

Sohan Halva

Another Iranian sweet famous for its taste and amazing pistachio. You can buy this at Iranian sweets Palace throughtout the year!

Rs.1400/Box (32 Pieces)

Shervin Gaz

Best presents for festive occasions, very good for gifting and surprizing your loved ones with the amazing shervin GAZ. Available at Iranian Sweets Palace.

Rs.950/Box (39 Pieces)

Kermani Gaz

Another form of Gaz very popular due to high number of pieces, great for corporate and festive gifting. Available only at Iranian Sweets Palace.


Shetuth (Mulberries)

Mulberries, natural insulin producer and very low on sugar. Good for Diabetic patients and people on a diet.


Zereshk (For Berry Pulao)

The main ingredient for berry pulao are the berries well known as zereshk. Available at Iranian Sweets Palace.


What People are Saying

“Authentic baklava”

Jogesh Chandra Patel

Source: Google Reviews

“King of Baklava”

Yashodeep Shivalkar

Source: Google Reviews

“Excellent Baklava”

Suyog Vyawahare

Source: Google Reviews

“Awesome Bakhlawa!”

Mohd Salim

Source: Google Reviews

Hours of Operation

11:00am – 7:30pm

11:00am – 7:30pm

Timings Valid for March Only
Rest of the Year – Call before visiting