About Us

Being one of the pioneers and the only Authentic Baklava shop in Mumbai, India. We take pride in what we do and offer the best quality products.
Our Story

Where It All Began

Our ancestors shifted to India due to re-occuring droughts in Iran which made survival though. In order to survive and avoid any consequences our 4 fathers visited India in search of new oppurtunities and so started the business of Iranian Sweets which is now 109 years old and VINTAGE.

We have been very fortunate to happily offer our lovely ingredients and delicious sweets.

This is just the beginning and we will keep serving the best of our capabilities. 

“Survival of the fittest – Darvin’s Theory”
– Hassan and Rahman Hajati

In the Spotlight

Awards & Recognition

We have been featured in multiple news publications and TV channels.






What We Offer


Quality Products

We offer top quality products which make our sweets delicious and luxurious.
All Ingredients imported from Iran.

Fresh Ingredients

Even  after importing all our ingredients from Iran we make sure each and every product is top quality.

Tasty Sweets

If you have a sweet tooth Iranian Sweets Palace is definetely worth visitng and giving a try to Iranian Sweets.

Friendly Prices

Since we are the manufactures and there is no middle man process our prices are consumer friendly.

Authentic Cuisine

Many have tried imitating the Baklava we serve. Yet we are the only ones offering Authentic Baklava in Mumbai, India.

Baked on Wood Fire

One of the few shopes in India, We offer Baklava baked on wood fire in copper utensils using the old traditional ways.
Hours of Operation
11:00am – 7:30pm
11:00am – 7:30pm
Timings Valid for March Only
Rest of the Year – Call before visiting